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The Story of Electronics [video]

Author: Story of Stuff Project, Published on: 1 November 2010

Why "Designed for the dump" is toxic for people and the planet...These dump designers...are causing a global toxic emergency...[At] assembly plants...workers turn [raw materials] into products, using loads of toxic chemicals, like PVC, mercury, solvents, and flame retardants... [At] so-called "recycling" operations, workers without protective gear sit on the ground, smashing electronics to recover the valuable metals inside...So…my last gadget is off poisoning families in Guiyu [China] or India or Nigeria…Instead of companies paying to make their facilities safe, the workers pay with their health. Instead of them paying to redesign using fewer toxics, villagers pay by losing their clean drinking water…Making companies deal with their e-waste is called “extended producer responsibility” or “product take back”. If all these old gadgets were their problem, it would be cheaper for them to just design them longer lasting, less toxic and more recyclable in the first place. [refers to IBM]

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