Torching the Myths of Expensive Medicines

Author: Sebastian Krueger, Open Society Foundations, Published on: 10 September 2013

Patent protections allow for inflated monopoly pricing and keep generic drugs, which are cheaper, from going to market. Secret international trade deals impose the pharmaceutical companies’ high prices on foreign nations...But Fire in the Blood asks us to see the successes of the struggle for affordable AIDS medicines as a rallying cry for action today...[During a panel discussion,] [t]he film’s director, Dylan Mohan Gray, chastised the media for eagerly believing the myth that drug research and development justifies high drug pricing—even though it accounts for less than 4 cents of every dollar of revenue, and they spend magnitudes more on marketing...An important first step to fixing this is to change the narrative about why our expensive medicines are expensive. Fire in the Blood is a vital reminder that this change is possible, and that we must win these same struggles of behalf of other live saving medicines.

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