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10 February 2009

Private Equity Council members adopt guidelines for responsible investment

Author: Private Equity Council

The Private Equity Council today announced that its members have adopted a set of comprehensive responsible investment guidelines that they will apply prior to investing in companies and during their period of ownership. The guidelines cover...

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1 February 2009

[PDF] Rebuilding Corporate Leadership: How Directors Can Link Long-Term Performance with Public Goals

Author: Research & Policy Committee of Committee for Economic Development [USA]

Directors...should widen the purview of their deliberations to give weight to societal issues... The board should insist that management report performance... Directors should recognize the value of corporate communication with...

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4 February 2008

Wall Street Shows Skepticism Over Coal - Banks Push Utilities To Plan for Impact Of Emissions Caps [USA]

Author: Jeffrey Ball with Rebecca Smith, Wall Street Journal

Three of Wall Street's biggest investment banks are set to announce today that they are imposing new environmental standards that will make it harder for companies to get financing to build coal-fired power plants in the U.S. Citigroup Inc., J.P....

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31 May 2007

Cleaning up

Author: Economist [UK]

These days very few serious businessmen will say publicly either that climate change is not happening or that it is not worth tackling…Big emitters [of CO2] are beginning to price carbon into their investment plans, and to alter them accordingly.....

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