Twitter CEO says firm is developing technology to evade censors in China, Iran

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Author: Harold Thibault, Aujourd'hui la Chine

Twitter aussi en a assez et hausse le ton face à la censure en Chine... [A] déclaré Evan Williams [le PDG] "La manière la plus efficace de se battre n'est pas de collaborer avec la Chine et autres gouvernements dont l'essence même est opposée à ce que nous sommes"... Son entreprise est actuellement en train de travailler à développer des moyens de contourner la censure, a-t-il dit...

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28 January 2010

Twitter works on method to foil censors

Author: John Gapper, Financial Times

Twitter, the internet social network, is developing technology it hopes will prevent the Chinese and Iranian governments being able to censor its users... "...The most productive way to fight [being blocked] is not by trying to engage China and other governments whose very being is against what we are about. I am hopeful there are technological ways around these barriers," [Evan Williams, CEO & co-founder of Twitter] said...Mr Williams was among executives of social networks, including MySpace [part of News Corporation], Facebook and LinkedIn, who were challenged during a debate in Davos to make a statement against censorship. He gave the clearest account of how his company intended to resist surveillance.

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