UAE: 280 Indian workers to be repatriated after terminations; police, charities & Consulate provide aid

Author: Salam Al Amir, The National (UAE), Published on: 30 June 2020

"Coronavirus: Sharjah Police rescue homeless workers living on the streets," 28 Jun 2020

Sharjah Police and charity workers rescued hundreds of unemployed construction workers who were found living on the streets.

Nearly 280 were put up in accommodation blocks...

The workers had lost their jobs and slept rough in an under-construction building for nearly three months...

officers came to the aid of the group. They are now being taken care of at the Sharjah Police Academy’s complex.

The Indian consulate and Sharjah Charity is providing the men with much-needed food, clothing and face masks...

“We are in contact with their consulate which is helping them return home on repatriation flights one group at a time,” said Gen Al Shamsi.


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