UAE & Saudi Arabia: Indian workers laid off & stranded without housing, food or flights home

Author: Janardhan Koushik, Indian Express, Published on: 19 May 2020

"Indian workers stranded in Saudi Arabia plead to be brough back home," 17 May 2020

Hundreds of Indian workers who had gone to UAE, Saudi Arabia in search for temporary work are struggling to return... they are appealing to the state and the central government...

[One worker stated] “The company... mentioned that they would pay us based on the time-sheet... for the past two months, they haven’t given us any salary. All our earnings have been spent on surviving here. Our visas have also expired... Since April 15, one of the leading company asked its workers to take care of the room rent and food by themselves. Without any income, and with complete lockdown how can they pay the rent?” he asked.

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