UK: Ex-employee sues IT firm Wipro over alleged gender discrimination & sexual abuse

Author: Vasudevan Sridharan, International Business Times (UK), Published on: 8 October 2015

“Wipro hits back at former employee who sued IT firm for 'predatory and misogynistic culture'”, 7 Oct 2015

India-based IT firm Wipro has hit back at its former employee Shreya Ukil after she filed a complaint alleging gender discrimination and sexual abuse at the company's London office.  Ukil, 39, sued Wipro demanding £1.2m as compensation…Ukil claimed she had been subjected to severe sexual harassment and gender discrimination by her male colleagues…Responding to the allegations and the lawsuit filed by Ukil, Wipro…said…"Wipro takes serious objection to the scurrilous allegations made against the company and will initiate legal action to defend itself against insidious and defamatory allegations..."Wipro's policy on conflict of interest requires employees to disclose to the organisation any personal relationship that could create conflict.  Failure to disclose such relationships would result in disciplinary action”…Ukil…alleged she was tricked to have an affair with a married male colleague [by] "aggressive sexual advances" and "abuse of power".  "The culture within Wipro requires women to be subservient. Women who are confident, capable and express their viewpoints are often called 'emotional', 'psychotic' or 'menopausal'...Besides the sex abuse allegations, Ukil claimed unequal pay over gender discrimination and unfair dismissal from Wipro...

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