UK: Migrant workers rescued from Iqbal Bros factory after "slavery" raid

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16 December 2014

Rochdale 'slavery' raid: Workers 'begged' for rescue

Author: BBC

Factory workers found in an anti-slavery raid in Greater Manchester "clung" to officers and begged to be rescued, police said. Thirteen Slovakian immigrants were found at Iqbal Bros picture frame factory in Rochdale...The company had "contracts running into millions of pounds" with high street firms, Greater Manchester Police said...The 13 Slovakians found during Monday's raid had been in the UK for periods ranging from a few weeks to six months, and travelled to Rochdale on a bus from Bradford. The youngest alleged victim was 18 while the older ones were in their mid-30s.

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15 December 2014

Three arrested after raid on ‘slave’ factory in Rochdale

Author: Associated Press

Three suspected slave masters are under arrest after a raid on a factory rescued 20 eastern Europeans working 80-hour weeks for £25 pay. The raid on the premises in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, came during an ongoing operation by the authorities against human trafficking...Police also found 10 eastern European immigrants living in terrible conditions in a house, with up to three or four people sleeping in each room. Officers discovered they were being taken to work in a factory in Rochdale each day, where they were being paid less than £2 an hour. When police raided the factory, they found a workforce of 20 eastern European immigrants working 80-hour weeks, enforced by the men who owned and ran it. DI James Faulkner of Great Manchester police said: “The men and women working in the factory have told us that they were subjected to physical and verbal assaults at the hands of their employers and forced to work more than 80-hours before ending up with around £25 for their week’s work. This is a typical example of how modern slavery can work in the UK.

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