UK: New mining strategy threats local communities and ecosystems

Author: Dawn Stevenson, The Ecologist, Published on: 5 February 2019

'Mining in the UK: Part I', 4 Feb 2019

The national mining industry in the United Kingdom has been in decline for decades, but this is now rapidly changing as the country shifts its industrial strategy, in part to focus on the its own mineral potential - to make Britain a leader in the global technological revolution known popularly as ‘Industry 4.0’.

New exploration and mining projects focusing on minerals and metals used in renewables, electronics, industrial automation and military technology have garnered strong government support. Existing projects include extensive gold exploration across Northern Ireland and the Scottish highlands, a proposed lithium extraction project in Cornwall and tin and tungsten mining in Devon and Cornwall.

However, the prospect of increasing mineral and metal mining activity in the UK and Northern Ireland looks set to compound and reproduce the social unrest and ecological damage that dog other extractive projects throughout these isles. [...]

[refers to Strongbow Exploration, Dalradian Gold Limited, Banks Mining Group]

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