UK: Traffickers who enslaved Vietnamese girls for nail salon jailed under the Modern Slavery Act

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9 January 2018

Trio who used trafficked girls to work in nail bars jailed under slavery laws

Author: Guardian (UK)

A woman and man who forced children trafficked from Vietnam to work in nail bars in the UK have been jailed under modern slavery legislation. Police say it is the first time a successful prosecution involving children has taken place since the laws were brought in two years ago. The case centres on girls aged under 18 who were smuggled into the UK and compelled to work for little or no money...DI Charlotte Tucker, who led the operation for Avon and Somerset police, said: “They were extremely vulnerable. They were from impoverished backgrounds in Vietnam and had come to the UK seeking a better life.”... The pair were brought into the UK in the back of a lorry. It is not known if they were collected by someone from the nail bar or simply dumped in Bath to seek out Vietnamese people such as Jenny. The nail bar was lucrative...Tucker said: “She was making a lot of money using cheap or totally free labour. Stashing money away in teddy bears suggests she didn’t know what do with all the cash she was making.”

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3 January 2018

UK: Traffickers of Vietnamese women for UK nail salon serve prison time; case is the first successful prosecution under the Modern Slavery Act

Author: Thomson Reuters Foundation

"Traffickers jailed for enslaving Vietnamese women in U.K. nail salons," 03 January 2018

Members of a gang who forced Vietnamese girls and women into slavery in nail Britain have been jailed for a total of nine years...

“The victims worked for no money and were trafficked between nail bars according to demand,” Senior Crown Prosecutor Eran Cutliffe said in a statement.

Detective Inspector Clair Langley, of Staffordshire Police, said the speed with which the victims were moved around the country indicated a high level of organisation.

“This is the first successful prosecution for child labor exploitation and child trafficking under the Modern Slavery Act and we hope it sends out a clear message — we won’t tolerate this activity and we will bring offenders before the courts.”

The Modern Slavery Act of 2015 introduced life sentences for traffickers, offered better protection for people at risk of being enslaved, and forced companies to check their supply chains for forced labor.


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