UK: Tribunal finds Condor Ferries discriminated against transgender customer over toilet sign

Author: BBC News, Published on: 26 May 2016

"Transgender woman wins Condor Ferries toilet sign discrimination case", 25 May 2016

Erin Bisson, from Jersey, launched legal action for discrimination against Condor Ferries after a member of staff told her to use a disabled loo.

She had also said the use of words rather than symbols on toilets amounted to indirect discrimination.
The firm admitted discrimination at the island's Employment and Discrimination Tribunal on Friday.

In its first decision taken since the island introduced gender discrimination laws in 2015, the tribunal found Ms Bisson's complaints against Condor of direct and indirect discrimination because of her gender reassignment to be "well-founded"...

Condor Ferries said it had worked with Ms Bisson to draw up a list of measures "to remove the possibility of inadvertent discrimination", which it had implemented after approval from Ms Bisson and the tribunal...

Condor Ferries said all its staff had also completed a diversity training programme for the first time in March...

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