UN Development Programme calls for greater business involvement in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals in Asia

Author: Asian Correspondent, Published on: 24 November 2016

"UNDP calls on business leaders to play greater role in new development era", 24 Nov 2016

THE United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has called on Asia-Pacific business leaders to play a greater role in achieving its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) amid a new development era of unprecedented environmental and social challenges.  Speaking at the fifth Responsible Business Forum in Singapore this week, Haoliang Xu, the UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Director for Asia-Pacific, said the new development era also calls for unprecedented solutions to ensure stability and sustainability.  “Climate change, ageing populations and explosions of popular discontent with the status quo are combining to present an existential threat to both people and planet. Everyone must join together to face this challenge,”...“All sectors of society – private and public, international and domestic – must collaborate to address challenges that affect the wellbeing of us all,”...[S]ustainable growth posed a challenge to “enlightened” companies due to the nationalistic shift in global politics and low level of commodity prices...

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