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1. Tools & guidance

"BSR paper dicusses how technology companies should engage with "rights holders"", Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Oct 2014

“ICT Sector Guide on Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”
Shift, Institute for Human Rights and Business, for the European Commission, Jun 2013
Information about the development & consultation process is available here

Company Mechanisms for Addressing Human Rights Complaints”, CSR Europe, Mar 2013

“Corporate Responsibility and Global Internet Governance”, Global Network Initiative, Oct 2012

“Digital Freedoms in International Law: Practical Steps to Protect Human Rights Online”, Ian Brown & Douwe Korff, Global Network Initiative, 14 Jun 2012

"Telco Action Plan - Respecting Human Rights: Ten steps and Implementation Objectives for Telecommunications Companies", Access, 23 May 2012

“Enhancing Internet freedom and human rights through responsible business practices”, Regeringskansliet, Government Offices of Sweden, Apr 2012

”Silicon Valley Standard", Access, 28 Oct 2011
Statement of 15 principles proposed for information & communications technology firms,  that "uses the international human rights framework as its foundation"; recommends "adhering to John Ruggie’s Protect, Respect, and Remedy framework outlined in the UN Guiding Principles".

"Four Priorities for the Tech Sector in Applying the New UN Guiding Principles", Business for Social Responsibility, 27 Jul 2011
- also provided: video introduction, briefing paper (Aug 2011)

2. Examples of uses

"From Audit to Innovation: Advancing Human Rights in Global Supply Chains", Shift, Aug 2013
Includes case study on HP

"Report: Business and Human Rights Workshop – Putting the Ruggie-Framework and the Guiding Principles into Practice [Berlin, 15 Apr]"
CSR Europe, 26 Jul 2013
Includes information on human rights practices & policies of Deutsche Telekom, Hitachi, HP.

"How Microsoft Did It: Implementing the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights", Dan Bross, Senior Director, Microsoft Corporate Citizenship, 4 Dec 2012

"New product: Human Rights App"
Global CSR, 9 Aug 2013
New app helps companies identify human rights impacts in line with UN Guiding Principles

"US Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights & Labor", US Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights & Labor, 1 May 2013
See section V

"Commemorating UN Human Rights Day", Cisco Systems, 10 Dec 2012

“Online Safety under Repressive Regimes: What is the Responsibility of Technology Companies?”, Meg Roggensack, Human Rights First, 19 Oct 2012

"TeliaSonera partners with the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) for support and review of its corporate human rights work", Telia Sonera, 17 Jul 2012

"Cisco Issues 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report", Cisco Systems, 7 Dec 2011

"Coming to the table – a time for media firms to respect human rights?", Lucy Amis, Day Associates, 26 Oct 2011


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