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1. Existing Natl. Action Plans

2. Plans in progress

3. Tools & guidance

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1. Existing National Action Plans

Belgium - only available in French

Chile - only available in Spanish

Colombia - only available in Spanish

Czech Republic


Francealso available in French / see also: Action proposals in French | English 

Finland - also available in Finnish


         Georgia  - Human Rights NAP, includes chapter on business and human rights

India  - Zero Draft of Natl. Action Plan


Italy - also available in Italian




Netherlands - also available in Dutch

Norway - see also: mapping & gap analysis



Sweden - also available in Swedish

Switzerland - available in French & German

Thailand - draft NAP open for comments until 15 March 2019

UK - also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish / see also: Submissions to 2015 review process

USA - see also: webpage by Intl. Corporate Accountability Roundtable with submissions & updates

2. Plans in Progress




Middle East

Asia & Pacific

  • Azerbaijan
  • Greece
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Scotland
  • Slovenia
  • Kenya
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
  • Mozambique
  • Jordan

NHRI or civil society steps in:


  • Kazakhstan



3. Tools & guidance

Updated DIHR & ICAR toolkit on National Action Plans on business & human rights, 2017

Guidance on how to include human rights defenders in Natl. Action Plans on business & human rights, ISHR & ICAR, Jun 2016

Guidance on children's rights in Natl. Action Plans on business & human rights, ICAR, DIHR & UNICEF, Nov 2015

Guidance on National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights, updated in Nov 2015, UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights

DIHR & ICAR toolkit on National Action Plans on business & human rights, Jul 2014

UN Working Group on business & human rights: Repository of State National Action Plans
This repository aims to provide easy access to existing State action plans, as well as key public information and analysis on the various stages of National Action Plan development, implementation and follow up.

Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), Wits University: Centre for Applied Legal Studies & partner organizations to develop National Action Plan template to implement UN Guiding Principles, 21 Nov 2013

Andreas Graf, swisspeace: "Developing National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights" [PDF], Apr 2013
Report on procedural aspects of developing national action plans on business & human rights in Netherlands, Norway, Spain & UK

European Group of National Human Rights Institutions: "Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: Discussion paper on national implementation plans for EU Member States", Jun 2012

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25 July 2019

Kenya National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights

The Government through the Office of the Attorney General & Department of Justice has developed a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights, a comprehensive strategy for protecting against human rights abuses by businesses, whether private...

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7 May 2019
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Author: Instituto Danés de Derechos Humanos

“Empresas y derechos humanos en América Latina y el Caribe” – 1 de mayo de 2019...

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22 April 2019

Commentary: National Action Plans should address potential human rights impacts of tech companies

Author: Sebastian Smart, Global Partners Digital

"Can national action plans make tech companies right-respecting?", 3 Sep 2018...

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24 January 2019

Sri Lanka: Why NAP on business and human rights?

Author: Daily FT, Sri Lanka

"Business and human rights – An imperative for Sri Lanka", 24 January 2019...

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15 November 2018

Commentary: NAPs developed through inclusive & transparent processes have stronger buy-in & better outcomes

Author: Sebastian Smart, Global Partners Digital

"National Action Plans: the importance of process", 9 Nov 2018...

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2 September 2018

Thai Business & Human Rights Network demands effective consultations in NAP process

Author: Thai Business & Human Rights Network

"Thailand: Call on the Government to be sincere and transparent in the drafting process of the National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights: With respect to process and content," 23 August 2018...

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28 August 2018
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Procuradoria Federal dos Direitos do Cidadão, órgão do Ministério Público Federal, lança nota técnica sobre proteção e reparação de direitos humanos no âmbito de atividades empresariais. O documento contextualiza desafios sobre o tema no Brasil, tendo...

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27 August 2018

(Video in Thai) Official statement of the Thai BHR Network on the Draft NAP on BHR

Author: Thai BHR Network

Posted on 23 August 2018 at the Manushya Foundation Facebook page    

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27 August 2018

Open Letter: Concerns regarding the Draft National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights

Author: Various CSOs

To: The Director General of the Rights and Liberties Protection Department, Ministry of Justice, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT) and United Nations Office of the High Commission on Human...

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25 August 2018

Thailand: Groups urge govt to include all stakeholders in drafting the NAP on business & human rights

Author: Pratch Rujivanarom, The Nation

"Activists ignored in the drafting of rights plan," 24 August 2018...

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