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Union letter to Avery Dennison 26 Jul 2018

Author: Intl. Union League for Brand Responsibility, Published on: 26 July 2018

We have been informed by the Garment and Textile Workers’ Union (GATWU) that not only have these violations not been solved, but they have been escalated. On top of the illegal dismissals and other unfair working conditions, which have been two of the initial reasons that we are contacting AD, we see a dramatic and very worrying increase in union busting techniques in the factory, endangering not only the workers' rights but even their safety. The developments before and during the mediation process between AD and the New Trade Union Initiative (NTUI, representing GATWU in the mediation), led by the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) have shown the ambiguous position of AD in pushing this case forward. Using the pretext of GATWU organising a rightful and legitimate meeting with the workers outside the factory on July 13, AD has decided to drop out of the mediation process. ETI has proposed two rather vague and easy to interpret conditions: a cooling off period of 14 days and showing good faith while in the mediation process. As can be seen below, when looking specifically at the demands of the workers, these conditions have already been disrespected by AD and do not seem to have any added value to achieving justice for the workers. For your easy access, the demands and clarifying information on each demand have been added below. Please act now!

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