US Environmental Protection Agency rewards companies for action on climate change: IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Baxter, Denso, Yokota Tohoku, Arizona Public Service

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30 May 2006

The Greener Guys [USA]

Author: Jad Mouawad, New York Times

...but there are no rules in the United States regulating heat-trapping gases comparable to those that most other developed countries have adopted under the Kyoto Protocol. Some United States businesses, though, are responding [to climate change] for a variety of reasons anyway: to satisfy customers or shareholders who worry about the environment, to improve their public image or to drive down their energy costs. In addition, some states and local authorities have stepped in to try to curb their contributions to global warming. [refers to Timberland, IBM, DuPont, 3M, Advanced Micro Devices, Gap, Wal-Mart, Johnson & Johnson, Exelon, Duke Energy]

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22 May 2006

EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] Honors 2006 Leaders in Climate Protection


IBM, Johnson & Johnson, and Baxter International are among the 13 companies, organizations, and individuals from around the world that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized this year for outstanding efforts to protect the Earth's climate. The award recipients have demonstrated ingenuity, leadership, and public purpose by achieving reductions of ozone depleting and heat-trapping gas emissions, according to EPA. [other corporate winners: Denso, Yokota Tohoku, Arizona Public Service Company (part of Pinnacle West Capital)]

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