US: Review of the National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

Author: Arvind Ganesan, Human Rights Watch, Published on: 3 November 2010

In contrast to results-achieving counterparts in some other countries, the United States NCP has maintained a passive stance on complaints and cases under the OECD Guidelines...The US NCP often gives one of two grounds for inaction. One invokes "parallel proceedings." "lack of investment nexus"...[The report] reviews a sample of cases submitted to the US National Contact Point...the US NCP did not issue a final statement in any of these cases save one...Primary responsibility for the US NCP rests...on senior political appointees who have failed to make NCP a robust mechanism…The US government's lukewarm approach to the Guidelines has...been used as a justification by other NCPs for their lack of action...[refers to ABN Amro, Afrimex, Angelica Textile Services, BP, Continental Tire, DAS Air, Delta Airlines, G4S, Gamma Holding, Imerys Carbonates, ITT Corp., Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry, Saint-Gobain, Sorrento Lactalis, Threemile Canyon Farms, Trico Marine Services, VAE Nortrak, Wackenhut]

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