USA: Alleged bad working conditions at Amazon warehouses prompts company response

Author: Isobel Asher Hamilton, Business Insider, Published on: 4 July 2019

"An Amazon executive snapped back at John Oliver after his stinging attack on the firm's 'brutal' working conditions", 4 July 2019 

An Amazon executive has railed against a segment on John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" criticizing the company.

During his HBO show on Sunday, Oliver took aim at what he called the "brutal" working conditions inside Amazon warehouses, or fulfillment centers as the company calls them... Oliver homed in on reports of Amazon's union-busting tactics, the physical drain on its workers, and the level of control management exerts over employees — including closely monitoring bathroom breaks...

The following day, Dave Clark, Amazon's senior vice president of operations, voiced his objections to Oliver's monologue, saying Oliver was "wrong on Amazon." Clark touted the $15 minimum wage introduced by the company last year, said Amazon operated a "safe, quality work environment," and said Oliver and his producers had declined an invitation to take a tour of a warehouse.

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