USA: Aramark agrees with Immokalee workers on pay & working conditions code for tomato pickers - Sodexo has refused but says it is in talks with worker group

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2 April 2010

Food giant Aramark agrees to pay increase for tomato farmworkers [USA]

Author: Amy Bennett Williams, Fort Myers News-Press [USA]

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers [CIW] has scored another victory... Food service giant Aramark agreed to pay extra for Florida tomatoes produced under a strict code of conduct... The odd man out in the food-service industry is Sodexo, the only one of the three major global players yet to sign the agreement... The agreement means coalition partners will favor Florida growers who work to meet higher standards and will shun those associated with labor abuses such as Six Ls and Pacific [part of Sunripe Produce]... Last year, members of Immokalee's Navarrete family went to federal prison for enslaving 12 workers, whom they brought to Six Ls and Pacific fields... [Sodexo] spokesman Alfred King said in a statement that a Sodexo team has been talking with coalition members and working to "find ways to incorporate the principles being discussed with (the coalition) into our operations." [also refers to agreements with CIW by Compass, Yum Brands, McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, Whole Foods Markets, East Coast Growers, Ladymoon Farms]

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1 April 2010

Students call on Sodexo to follow suit as Aramark agrees to work with CIW

Author: Student Farmworker Alliance

...Aramark has agreed to work with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) to directly improve farmworker wages and working conditions in the tomato fields of Florida... Sodexo now stands isolated as the only major food service provider to not yet join this rising tide of social responsibility... "...If corporations like Sodexo and Publix are to truly embrace social responsibility and guarantee to consumers that the food on our tables is not the product of human rights abuse, they must step up and...[agree] to work with the CIW," said Meghan Cohorst, Student/Farmworker Alliance.

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