USA: Fired transgender employee sues Barnes & Noble over alleged discrimination

Author: Matt Coker, OCWeekly (USA), Published on: 12 May 2015

"Victoria Ramirez, Fired Transgender Worker at Irvine Barnes & Noble, Sues for Discrimination", 11 May 2015

A six-year employee of an Irvine Barnes & Noble store is suing the parent company for alleged discrimination because, she claims, when she informed management she was undergoing gender transition from male to female, her bosses prohibited her from working as a woman and after she protested they fired her…Victoria to have suffered on-going panic attacks and severe anxiety from the work pressures, and when she told her manager she couldn't hide who she was any longer, she was fired...Barnes & Noble...says, "We are very proud to employ a large number of transgender individuals, whom, like all employees are treated with dignity and respect." The company also pointed to its HRC Corporate Equality Index perfect scores."[I]t is important to point out that Barnes & Noble has a history of supporting and employing transgender individuals,, whom, like all employees are treated with dignity and respect."...

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