USA: Former workers sue General Motors for alleged racial abuse

Author: Narjas Zatat, indy100, Published on: 21 January 2019

"Black workers suing General Motors over alleged racial abuse by white staff", 18 January 2019

Black workers are suing General Motors following what they claim to be systematic and targeted racial abuse by white members of staff at an Ohio branch that led to nooses being found in the workplace.

Former supervisors Marcus Boyd and ex-Marine Derrick Brooks allege that they endured over a year of a hostile working environment that included frequently being called the n-word and other racial slurs, where bathrooms were called ‘whites only’, employees and other African American employees were called “monkey” and told to “go back to Africa,” an extensive CNN investigation found.

The pair have since filed lawsuits against General Motors, and they allege the company failed to adequately deal with the racially charged environment despite repeated complaints from multiple black employees... Five hanging nooses were reported at different times to GM, the lawsuit alleges, to little effect...

GM told various news outlets that “discrimination and harassment are not acceptable” and it is investigating the allegations. It added to NBC that there is also a police investigation, though they have not “yet been able to identify the responsible individual[s].”


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