USA: Human Rights First urges companies to inform public of govt. requests under PRISM

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14 June 2013

Letter Urges Companies to Inform Public of Government Requests under PRISM

Author: Human Rights First

In the wake of revelations that the National Security Administration obtained private user data from several technology companies, Human Rights First President and CEO Elisa Massimino sent a letter to AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Pal Talk, Skype, Yahoo!, and YouTube, urging them to continue to press the U.S. government to allow them to disclose PRISM requests as part of their regular reports on government requests. Human Rights First calls on the government to use its discretion to provide permission to assure Americans that their personal data is safe from indiscriminate surveillance. The letter also details ways in which companies can inform the public of how their data and privacy is safeguarded.

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17 June 2013

Part II: Telecommunications companies must join the debate on surveillance

Author: Lucy Purdon, Institute for Human Rights and Business

Internet companies are now rightly asking the US government to allow greater transparency and disclosure of requests. So far there has not been a similar public call from the telecommunications sector. Telecommunication companies need to join this debate and demonstrate how they ensure respect for human rights – including to free expression and to privacy. [refers to Google, Verizon, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, AOL, Microsoft, Apple, Paltalk, Dropbox, AT&T]

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