USA: Legislation in Minnesota encourages community involvement in solar power development

Author: The Climate Group, Published on: 2 November 2016

"How Minnesota is Supporting Community Based Renewables," Oct 2016

…[C]ommunity based renewables…is an effective way to make the energy transition more inclusive, as well as to increase public support for renewable energy…Traditionally, Minnesota has not had much solar energy development, even though it has good solar resources. In 2013, Minnesota enacted a new solar legislation requiring Investor Owned Utilities to procure 1.5% of retail sales from solar electricity by 2020 and setting a goal of 10% solar by 2030. To achieve this target, as well as to support the state’s economy and give citizens the option of purchasing clean energy, several policies incentivizing solar energy were developed. One of the policies enacted in 2013 was Community Solar Gardens, a model where development takes place in locations ideal for solar power generation and the purchase of the power is open to anyone…This policy is designed to make solar energy available to those who don’t have a reliable solar resource at their site but want to invest in solar energy…A wider group…gets the opportunity to participate in distributed solar projects…

[Also refers to Xcel Energy.]

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