USA: Minnesota files lawsuit against CSL Plasma for alleged gender identity discrimination of potential donor

Author: Jeremy Olson, Star Tribune, Published on: 7 November 2019

"Plasma chain faces second complaint over gender-ID discrimination", 7 Nov 2019

A Florida-based plasma company has been accused for the second time of rejecting a Minnesota donor due to gender identity, prompting the state Department of Human Rights to escalate an ongoing lawsuit against the chain.

The state announced Thursday that it amended its original lawsuit against CSL Plasma based on the experience of an individual named Charlie Edgar, who reported being denied the opportunity to give plasma due to a gender identity of nonbinary. The state's original suit was filed in March after CSL was accused of rejecting a donor named Alice James, a transgender woman; it demanded that the company adopt policies to prevent discrimination.

Now the state wants CSL to financially compensate all potential donors it turned away due to gender identity, said Irina Vaynerman, Minnesota's deputy commissioner of human rights.

...State officials said the second allegation is damning because Edgar was told that the denial decision was made by a local manager and then affirmed by two supervisors up the chain of command at CSL, one of the world's largest plasma collection agencies.

...The U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises collection centers to allow blood-product donors to self-identify their gender and says transgender identity in and of itself is not a reason to rule out donation.

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