USA: Palantir to pay $1.7 million to settle govt. lawsuit alleging discrimination against Asian job applicants

Author: Sam Levin, Guardian (UK), Published on: 2 May 2017

"Palantir to pay $1.7m over accusation it discriminates against Asian applicants", 26 Apr 2017

Palantir...has agreed to pay $1.7m to settle a government lawsuit...alleging that [it] used a discriminatory hiring process in which Asian applicants “were routinely eliminated in the résumé screen and telephone interview phases[”]...[F]rom a pool of more than 1,160 qualified software engineer applicants, approximately 85% were Asian, but the company hired 14 non-Asian employees and only 11 Asian people. And even though a majority of qualified intern applicants were Asian, Palantir hired four times as many non-Asians as Asians...“We disagree with the allegations made ...We settled this matter, without any admission of liability...” Palantir said in a statement...If the case had not been not resolved, Palantir could have lost its government contracts...[Also mentions Google (part of Alphabet), Oracle]

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