USA: Thousands work as forced labourers, including in sweatshops & on farms, says report by Univ. of California-Berkeley Human Rights Center

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21 March 2005

Laws needed to stamp out slavery [USA]

Author: Oakland Tribune [USA]

Laurel Fletcher, a clinical professor at UC Berkeley's School of Law...[has published a] report "Freedom Denied: Forced Labor in California"...Her report claims that "at any given time, 10,000 or more men, women and children are laboring against their will as prostitutes, farm and sweatshop laborers and domestic workers in the United States."

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1 February 2005

[PDF] Freedom Denied: Forced Labor in California

Author: University of California-Berkeley Human Rights Center

Our research identified 57 forced labor operations in almost a dozen cities in California between 1998 and 2003, involving more than 500 individuals from 18 countries...Victims of forced labor often suffer severe hardships and deprivations. Their captors often subject them to beatings, threats, and other forms of physical and psychological abuse. [refers to Victoria Island Farms, JB Farm Labor Contractor]

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