USA: Wheelchair user sues Air Canada after being unable to board plane

Author: George Sensalis, Reduced Mobility (UK), Published on: 22 October 2015

““Can't help you board” Air Canada leave disabled man at gate”, 17 Oct 2015

Jerremy Lorch is filing charges against Air Canada for violating the Air Carrier Access Act after airline staff said they could not help the wheelchair user board his flight on the ground of his disability…Last Wednesday the wheelchair user was traveling from Rochester NY International Airport to Vancouver…Knowing he needs help to get on board his flight, Lorch booked special assistance at the time of buying his ticket to Canada.  However, once at the airport, Air Canada ground staff told him they could not help him…The airline explained Rochester is an airport they serve through our Air Canada Express partner Air Georgian.  Air Canada issued an apology.  "I can confirm we have been in contact with the customer to apologize and refund his ticket and conference expenses.  Moreover, we are reviewing the matter with our ground handler in Rochester to prevent this recurring," a spokesperson for the airline said…

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