Verisk Maplecroft Human Rights Outlook 2018 highlights modern slavery risks arising from automation & attacks on defenders as key challenges

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17 July 2018

Human Rights Outlook 2018

Author: Verisk Maplecroft (UK)

Jul 2018

The levers of human rights compliance grow more diverse, but even so they are nudging business and civil society towards a common understanding of reasonable due diligence. A crisis of confidence in certification reflects a new awareness that due diligence tools are flawed, and that reform is needed to make them work for both producers and brands. Future modern slavery risks arising from the automation of supply chains, and increasing attacks on human rights defenders, highlight why successful human rights strategies should include consultation with communities and collaboration with governments. Our 2018 Human Rights Outlook focuses on five key issues... 1. Modern slavery risks will increase if states don’t prepare supply chain workers to adapt to competition from robot manufacturing;... 2. Evidence of rising attacks and forthcoming UN guidance will put a spotlight on how companies engage with human rights defenders;... 3. Modern slavery laws are just one part of an increasingly diverse compliance landscape that is pushing global businesses to conduct human rights due diligence;... 4. Certification schemes must adapt or die in the face of criticism that they are not effectively improving respect for human rights at the producer level;... 5. Social issues are inching up the investor agenda, but banks face battles with civil society over their human rights impacts.

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15 July 2018

Jobs lost to robots will cause increase in trafficking & slavery in Southeast Asia, research claims

Author: Annie Kelly, The Guardian

"Robot workers will lead to surge in slavery in south-east Asia, report finds" 12 July 2018

Robots will slash millions of jobs and create an upswing in trafficking and slavery across south-east Asia, research claims.

In a report analyst firm Verisk Maplecroft predicts that the rise in robot manufacturing will have a knock-on effect that results not only in lost livelihoods but in a spike in slavery and labour abuses in brand supply chains.

...[M]anufacturing hubs in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam could lose their jobs....

...Dr Alex Channer, analyst at Verisk Maplecroft...“...People will still have to find work just further down supply chains, where abuses are more likely to occur and regulation and worker rights can be more easily ignored.”

...Sectors being particularly at risk included agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, retail and electronics.

Women will also be disproportionately affected in the garment, textile and footwear industry.


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