[video] Cheap Shrimp, Hidden Costs: Burmese Migrants Fuel Thailand's Shrimp Industry

Author: University of British Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, Published on: 27 October 2010

As many as 2 million Burmese migrants fuel Thailand’s growing economy. Up to half of these workers are trafficked into the country illegally, fleeing military dictatorship and extreme poverty in neighboring Burma...Relegated to the most menial tasks in the Thai workforce, migrants can spend up to 16 hours a day performing a single task—taking the hard shells off shrimp destined for North American dinner plates. That isn’t the worst of it. Numerous reports have documented beatings, physical confinement, indentured servitude, meager wages, together with forced and child labour. These workers can’t go to the police or the government for help...Away from the close eye of government officials, we sought out the workers who are afraid to speak out.

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