[video] Coffee to go - with the taste of eviction [Uganda]

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20 August 2012

[video] Coffee to go - with the taste of eviction [Uganda]

Author: Michael Enger, FIAN International (Germany)

On 19 August 2001, the Ugandan army forcefully evicted the population of several villages near Mubende from their land to make way for a coffee plantation. The Ugandan government leased the land to Kaweri Coffee Plantation Ltd., a subsidiary of the German company Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. To date, none of the evictees have been compensated, neither for their loss of land nor for the extreme state of emergency under which they have lived from the day the eviction took place...

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Author: Michael Enger, FIAN International (Allemagne)

Le film « Mubende -- Le café de l'injustice »...donne la parole aux victimes d'une expulsion sanglante au profit d'une entreprise de café allemande. Le 19 août 2001 l'armée ougandaise a violemment expulsé de leurs terres la population de plusieurs villages près de Mubende afin de faire place à une plantation de café. Le gouvernement ougandais avait loué ces terres à Kaweri Coffee Plantation Ldt. détenue à 100% par la société allemande Neuman Kaffee Gruppe...

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