Video: "Integrating a child rights perspective into business"

Author: Alinde Johansson, UNICEF, Published on: 4 June 2015

"Integrating a child rights perspective into business", 27 May 2015

With 168 million children worldwide engaged in child labour this is still a crucial issue yet to be resolved, but companies too often fail to understand the range of other ways in which children are affected by their business...Children’s values and self-esteem are affected by companies’ marketing activities. Their right to education and health services can be in danger when companies acquire areas of land to set up new business facilities and children are relocated far from their communities and schools. Children may also lack access to care from their parents because of poor working conditions in companies, and this is just the tip of the iceberg...

Tackling the systemic causes of children’s rights violations requires a review of a company’s policies and practices, not only in relation to its direct operations but also in all business relations; suppliers and customers. Companies that address children’s rights are increasingly realising that many other human rights issues they are dealing with will fall into place when looking at their business operations through a child rights lens. This approach also enables companies to harness their enormous power to make positive change for children.

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