[video] Unilever's approach to implementing the UN Guiding principles on Business and Human Rights

Author: Unilever (interview with John Ruggie, former Special Representative on business & human rights), Published on: 28 April 2014

[Video transcript: If Unilever gets this right, it takes business on a path, that in my view few have dared to contemplate, but other will be obliged to follow. Fairness in the workplace: Not only throughout Unilever's own operations, but also in the extended supply chain. Secondly, opportunities for women. Enormously important, it is the most critical determinant of poverty reduction in the world, and of course, it's a foundational principle of fairness. And thirdly, inclusive business...getting more people to be involved in the supply chain. Training them to become active participants, touches the lives of millions, and in the process, also widens Unilever's own market. By being proactive in terms of human rights throughout the supply chain Unilever contributes to meeting its own responsibility to respect human rights. It helps raise the bar in areas in which is operates. No one has undertaken this journey quiet on the same scale before. There will be bumps along the way, inevitably. My advice is to stay the course because the journey is well worth the effort.]

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