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[video] Workers in Samsung [So.Korea]

Author: Sharps Labor News Production, Published on: 22 February 2010

[March 2007. Yu Mi, a young female worker died of acute leukaemia…Yu-mi…worked in Samsung semiconductor factory at Gi-Hueng…Her father…found out many other workers died of similar disease…In an engineering team which consists of 4 male workers, three got Leukemia, Malignant Melanoma, and Wegners Granulamatosis…Samsung..has the highest number of workers dying of rare diseases…Samsungs standpoint on workers diseases is extremely obstinate…Samsung: “Radiation and Arsine Gas are managed safely. Claim for workers compensation for luekemia patients?…Those are personal problems”…Gyong Ho Lee, Association for victims of occupational injuries: “Samsung, Government and the Workers Compensation agency all deny the work relatedness, hide important data and block workers participation”]

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