Videos, webinars & other learning resources

Below are videos, webinars & other learning resources on human rights impact assessments. 

[Faris Natour, BSR, 27 Sep 2011 Step 2: Assessing your human rights impact (2:58)]

Webinar: "Integrating Human Rights into Envrionmental and Social Impact Assessment", BSR, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Sep 2017


Webinar: "Capacity building and stakeholder engagement in HRI", Oxfam America, Danish Institute for Human Rights, July 2017


Webinar: "Human Rights Impact Assessment Case Studies in the Extractive, Agricultural, & Consumer Goods Sectors", twentyfifty, NomoGaia, BSR, June 2017


Webinar: “Exploring Human Rights Impact Assessments”, UN Global Compact, Danish Institute for Human Rights, Nov 2014


“Four Steps for Human Rights Management”, Faris Natour, BSR, Sep 2011

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