Vietnam: 20 women allegedly sexually assaulted at Ho Tay water park; Hanoi Entertainment denies claims

Author: Alyssa Miller, Elite Daily, Published on: 28 July 2015

“20 or more women were sexually assaulted at a Vietnam water park and nobody seems to care”, 14 Jul 2015

…Ho Tay Water Park in Hanoi, Vietnam offered free admission for the first two hours of the park’s season opening…The lazy river became overcrowded, as people had jumped the gates in order to reach the attraction, and soon, groups of 70 to 80 men were assaulting women in the water park…According to, “[…] at least 20 girls [were] molested and sexually assaulted by thousands of unknown men.”…A few of the women…depicted their horrific experiences […] “Even though I was choking…I felt clearly someone was fingering me, my legs were spread apart. My head was still pressed down, I was out of breath and I thought I was going to drown.”…Nghiem Hong Hanh, female vice general director of Hanoi Entertainment Services...(which runs Ho Tay Park), released a statement: “There was NO such thing as [women] sexually assaulted at the water park, it’s just their bikini quality.”…Park officials did nothing to help the victims as the assault was happening…

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