Wal-Mart signs deal with farmworker program that fights harassment [USA]

Author: Bernice Yeung, Centre for Investigative Reporting (USA), Published on: 15 January 2014

One of the most effective programs to curb sexual harassment and assault in the agriculture fields expands today with the inking of a national contract with Wal-Mart…Under the Fair Food Program, restaurant chains and grocery stores agree to pay a penny more per pound for Florida tomatoes. In exchange, they buy only from growers who’ve agreed to a strict code of conduct that includes increased pay and labor protections…Sexual harassment and assault of farmworkers is a persistent problem in American fields and packing houses…[and an] investigation featured Fair Food as one attempt to combat the problem…Growers who don’t follow the code can get banned from selling to places like McDonald’s and Taco Bell [part of YUM!] for at least three months…To ensure that farms are adhering to the code of conduct, growers must provide sexual harassment training and undergo regular external audits of work conditions…[Also refers to Aldi, Chipotle, Trader Joe’s (part of Aldi Nord), Whole Foods Market, YUM!]

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