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23 May 2018

Report by Chartered Institute of Building analyses UK construction industry's response to Modern Slavery Act

Author: Emma Crates, The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

Construction and the Modern Slavery Act: Tackling exploitation in the UK, May 2018...

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30 April 2018

USA: Govt. agency to sue Walmart over alleged disability discrimination against employee

Author: Betty Adams, Central Maine (USA)

"Federal agency sues Walmart over Augusta woman’s disability discrimination claim", 27 Apr 2018...

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25 April 2018

USA: Corporations increasingly vocal on social issues but still mostly lobbying for lower taxes - Oxfam America report

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13 April 2018

Company lobbying for lower taxes exceeds social activism, Oxfam America claims

Author: Oxfam America (US)

"Corporations Increasingly Vocal on Social Issues but Still Mostly Lobbying for Lower Taxes" 12 Apr 2018...

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16 March 2018

CEOs & corporations expected to increasingly quickly figure out where they stand on issues of the day

Author: Aaron K. Chatterji, New York Times (USA)

"Our Newest Culture Warriors: Activist C.E.O.s," 2 Mar 2018...

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13 March 2018
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Author: Gestión (Perú)

“En Estados Unidos, empresas abordan temas que gobierno evita”, 2 de marzo de 2018...

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2 March 2018

L.L. Bean will no longer sell guns, ammo to those under 21

Author: Brandon Carter, The Hill

L.L. Bean announced Thursday it will no longer sell guns or ammunition to anyone under 21 years of age. The Maine-based outdoors company posted the announcement to its Twitter account in a response to a customer who asked the company to no longer sell...

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1 March 2018
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Author: Frankfurter Allgemeine

Während Amerikas Politiker nach dem High-School-Attentat von Parkland über schärfere Waffengesetze debattieren, ergreifen mehrere Unternehmen nun selbst die Initiative......

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20 February 2018
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Author: AFP (France)

« Le fonds souverain de la Norvège s'attaque à la corruption », 14 février 2018...

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11 February 2018

Corporations & human rights obligations

Author: Denis G. Arnold

"Corporations and Human Rights Obligations," 21 April 2016...

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