Where Did You Get That Dress?: Bangladesh Two Years on From Rana Plaza

Author: Shannon K. O'Neil, Council on Foreign Relations, Published on: 2 August 2015

On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza factory...collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh...Rana Plaza highlights both the best and the worst of what globalization and global supply chains bring to developing countries...This trade has helped fundamentally change Bangladeshi society, in many ways for the better...Yet the industry also pays poorly and restricts union membership. Workers routinely suffer from respiratory diseases, injuries, and even death...The often blatant disregard for labor rights and safety standards comes in part from the way these supply chains function...The response to the Rana Plaza collapse also underscores the good and the bad of this global commercial connectedness...As Bangladesh struggles to improve wages and working conditions, the public and private sectors worry about losing the industry and its jobs.

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