Why brands in India and Europe need to foster social integration

Author: Sonya Misquitta, Afaqs, Published on: 13 July 2016

The issues facing Europe at this point in its history mirror the issues that India has and continues to face. Intolerance is rising...Here are five lessons on what marketers can do better...Amid rising polarisation in society, brands need to promote tolerance...Last year, Shazé, a lifestyle and accessories brand in India that stands for bold self-expression took a stand against rising intolerance...The need for positive imagery and role models...Tap into the angst minorities feel - practise affirmative action...Empower Muslim women...Respect people's religious sensitivities...In her essay, 'How Great Companies Think Differently', Rosabeth Moss Kanter argues that the value that a brand creates should be measured not just in terms of short-term profits, but also in terms of how it sustains the conditions that allow it to flourish over time. That is why it is crucial that brands play a role in managing and integrating Muslims into society.

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