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World Benchmarking Alliance ranks 25 automotive companies on climate & energy

Author: World Benchmarking Alliance, Published on: 10 December 2019

The Automotive Benchmark measures and ranks the world’s leading auto manufacturers. Will they meet the below 2°C warming limit goal set by the Paris Agreement? Are they doing what’s necessary to move to a low carbon economy?

This benchmark shows that the 25 auto manufacturers are not on track to meet the goal set by the Paris Agreement. We see that most companies have a low carbon vehicle, but there is very little investment in this market.

  • 24 of the companies measured realise over 90% of their sales from high emission vehicles. They need to set targets and plan the transition to low carbon models.
  • Companies need to make more electric or low carbon cars and commit to new technologies. For most of the companies benchmarked, low carbon vehicles account for only 1% of sales annually.
  • The automotive industry is renowned for its high profile marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, this influence is not being used to actively shift consumer choice away from high emission vehicles.  Only half the companies benchmarked showed some discernible effort in this area.
  • There is an industry-wide reluctance to publicly commit to a positive, transparent and proactive approach to climate policy. In fact some companies actively lobby against climate-positive legislation.
  • Auto manufacturers have a huge business opportunity. By building new models and creating new modes of transport for tomorrow’s world, the low carbon economy.

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