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3 December 2019

SenseTime to lead working group on drawing up national facial recognition standards

Author: Caixin

“Government Asks SenseTime to Lead Plans for National Facial-Recognition Standards”, 28 November 2019...

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3 June 2019

China: Technology workers protest online against overtime work culture, access to the webpage reportedly blocked by some domestic browsers

"Chinese technology workers are protesting online against grueling overtime hours at some companies…The posts on Microsoft’s GitHub, which calls itself the world’s largest code host, and other programming tools have gone viral amid large-scale layoffs...

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26 April 2019
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Author: WEED e.V.

'Am anderen Ende der Lieferkette. Was tun IT-Herstellerfür einen verantwortungsvollen Bezug von Rohstoffen?' 20 April 2019...

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2 April 2019

China: Domestic browsers reportedly censor GitHub page on which workers air workplace grievances

Author: Shanon Liao, Verge (US)

"Tencent and Xiaomi may be censoring a GitHub page for airing worker grievances", 3 Apr 2019...

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17 September 2016
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Author: 孙毛毛, Freebuf

…小米是全球最大的手机运营商之一,但这已经不是国外媒体首次针对小米手机扩散恶意程序做出指控了:包括在未经用户许可的情况下窃取用户数据,MIUI系统中许多应用包含大量广告等。 小米可以在用户不知情的情况下安装任意APP…...

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15 September 2016

Xiaomi Officially Responds To Recent Backdoor Accusations

Author: Kristijan Lucic, Android Headlines

Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world…Xiaomi releases quite a few devices a year, and various reports in the past accused the company of pre-installing adware, spyware and all sorts of other malicious software on their...

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