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28 September 2007

President Clinton Concludes Third Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative by Announcing Historic Levels of Commitments and Expansion

Author: Clinton Global Initiative

Over the past three days CGI [Clinton Global Initiative] members have made 245 commitments - commitments that when fully implemented have the potential to impact the lives of over around the globe. [Refers to commitments in the area of health,...

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18 March 2008

Chinese Internet censorship code of conduct in the works

Author: Martyn Williams, IDG News Service

A code of conduct addressing how major Internet service providers and portal operators should deal with Internet censorship in China is in the final stages of preparation by Human Rights Watch and the providers, [Kenneth Roth,] the head of the human...

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10 December 2008

Google, YouTube to Promote Human Rights in N. Korea

Author: Chosun Ilbo [So. Korea]

...Google and...YouTube [part of Google] promised to cooperate in promoting the human rights of North Koreans and democratization of the nation via internet broadcasting. According to the RFA, the two companies discussed measures to distribute...

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11 February 2010

Google refuses Australian government request to censor YouTube

Author: Bonnie Malkin, Telegraph [UK]

Google has refused to bow to a request by the Australian government to censor videos on YouTube, saying the move would stifle public debate on important issues such as euthanasia and drug use… Stephen Conroy, the communications minister, asked the...

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21 September 2010

Google releases censorship tools

Author: BBC

Google's new Transparency Report [is] a set of tools designed to show censorship levels around the globe. Civil liberty groups welcomed the tool but called on Google to provide even more detail about the requests. Earlier this year, Google released...

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8 December 2010

Net freedom 'at stake' on WikiLeaks

Author: Jillian York, Harvard Law School's Berkman Centre for Internet & Society, in Al Jazeera

Now, in the wake of Cablegate, it is no longer just [Julian] Assange...or WikiLeaks, but Internet freedom that is at risk. For some time, free speech activists have expressed concern about the powers that private companies have over online speech......

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25 February 2011

Telcos, social media sites get a conscience call

Author: Leslie D'Monte, Business Standard (India)

Companies like Facebook, Vodafone are being reprimanded by human rights groups for bowing down to governments...Human rights groups like Amnesty International and Access...are highlighting a simultaneous trend in cyberspace, “a deeply disturbing and...

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19 May 2011

New Yorkers sue China over internet censorship

Author: Reuters

Eight New York residents are suing China and its biggest search engine company, accusing Baidu of conspiring with the government to censor pro-democracy content...Baidu spokesman Kaiser Kuo declined to comment. According to the complaint filed in the...

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12 July 2011

A Call to Take Back the Internet From Corporations

Author: Jennifer 8. Lee, Bits blog, New York Times

Rebecca MacKinnon, an Internet scholar…argues that private corporations are exerting excessive power over the Internet and should have that power checked…The control that companies areas ranging from banking to freedom of speech has raised...

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26 July 2011

Vodafone under fire for bowing to Egyptian pressure

Author: Juliette Garside, Guardian [UK]

Vodafone…is to meet human rights campaigners to discuss how it can prevent its networks being hijacked by repressive regimes…[also refers to Google, France Telecom, Atisalat, Research in Motion, Facebook, YouTube (part of Goolge), Verizon Wireless]

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