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18 October 2018

New report looks at reporting progress under the UK Modern Slavery Act; finds need for better enforcement

Author: Ergon Associates

"Modern slavery reporting: Is there evidence of progress?", October 2018...

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12 October 2018

Tech co's agree on self-regulatory standards to help the EU fight online disinformation

A group of tech companies including Google, Facebook and Mozilla have agreed to abide by new standards set out by the European Commission in the battle against the dissemination of fake news across the EU. It is the first time worldwide that industry...

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11 October 2018

USA: Google won’t bid on $10 billion Pentagon cloud computing deal citing potential conflicts with AI principles

Author: Naomi Nix, Bloomberg

"Google Drops Out of Pentagon's $10 Billion Cloud Competition," 8 October 2018...

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28 September 2018

Google executive says co. is "not close to launching a search product in China"

Author: Tim Bradshaw, Financial Times

"Google confirms 'Project Dragonfly' for China," 26 September 2018...

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Company non-response
18 September 2018

Google did not respond

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Google to respond to a letter from human rights organizations calling on Google to refrain from launching a censored search engine in China, saying it would violate freedom of expression and right to...

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7 September 2018

BSR launches human rights-based blueprint for responsible business practice with regard to artificial intelligence

BSR has published three papers  describing a human rights-based blueprint for responsible business practice with regard to AI within and beyond the technology sector. These papers explore the importance of a rights-based approach for governing and...

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29 August 2018

New guidance for companies encourages action to support civic freedoms & human rights defenders & explores opportunities for engagement

Author: Bennett Freeman with Sif Thorgeirsson, Adele Barzelay & Brooks Reed

"Shared space under pressure: Business support for civic freedoms and human rights defenders," 29 August 2018 ...

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27 August 2018

Global Network Initiative report details human rights impacts of internet shutdowns & recommends involving businesses in advocacy against disruptions

Author: Jan Rydzak, Global Network Initiative

Since 2011, network disruptions and large-scale network shutdowns have become a widespread tool of information control. Governments in at least four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) have shut down connectivity or social media... ...

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20 August 2018
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Der US-Internetkonzern Google will Medienberichten zufolge eine Suchmaschine in China auf den Markt bringen, die der chinesischen Zensur die Arbeit abnimmt. An dem Projekt mit dem Namen "Dragonfly" wird bereits seit dem Frühjahr 2017 gearbeitet. Die...

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17 August 2018

Commentary: Tech companies can contribute to violations of freedom of expression & privacy by complying with govt. user data requests

Author: Isabel Laura Ebert, OpenGlobalRights

"The corporations' dilemma: navigating government access to information," 16 Aug 2018...

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