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China: Apple accused of allowing factory to violate laws on overtime and temporary workers

Author: China Labor Watch, Published on: 9 September 2019

"iPhone 11 Illegally Produced in China: Apple Allows Supplier Factory Foxconn to Violate Labor Laws ", 8 September 2019

China Labor Watch has monitored the working conditions at…Foxconn facilities and investigations have revealed a string of labor rights violations…this report reveals…details about the…conditions at the [Zhengzhou] Foxconn factory...

...the working conditions have remained…, insufficient to sustain the livelihood for a family living in Zhengzhou... social insurance contributions…still fall short of the legal requirements...

...To manage the…orders during peak season, Foxconn employs student workers and dispatch workers. Student workers have been forced to work overtime hours, completing internships at the factory that are unrelated to their degree. Foxconn outsources hiring to dispatch companies and to attract workers, these companies offered bonuses for workers who are employed for a certain period of time...many workers have reported never been paid their bonus. The factory’s internal references program is another tactic used to hire more workers…Workers are given referral quotas to meet, and the factory takes away the overtime hours of those who do not fulfill the quota as a…punishment.

Chinese labor law stipulates “dispatch workers shall not exceed 10% of the total employed workers.” and “…monthly overtime work hours shall not exceed 36 hours.” …Apple and its supplier Foxconn…do not implement these regulations...the percentage of dispatch workers at the factory now makes up 50% or more of the workforce…

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