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Modern slavery

In business operations and supply chains

Corporate Legal Accountability

Concise profiles of lawsuits against companies accused of human rights abuses & commentaries

Human rights defenders

Cases and action for human rights defenders at risk

Climate justice

What must business do to address the biggest human rights challenge of our time?

Binding treaty

Global debate on a proposed UN treaty

UN Guiding Principles

Includes implementation tools & examples, information on UN Working Group

Major sporting events

Human rights and business at the World Cup, Olympics and more


Business action

Practical tools for companies and commentaries by business people

Chinese investment overseas

Guidance, cases and company responses


Digital freedom

Freedom of expression, privacy and the right to protest


Natural resources

Fairness & accountability in companies’ use of oil, gas, coal, minerals, land and water

Tax avoidance

The links between corporate tax practices and human rights

In-depth areas



Asia Pacific


Europe and Central Asia

Middle East and North Africa

Ungrouped in-depth areas

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