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Japan: Toshiba's policy and management system on human rights

[From Toshiba website] In order to encourage the development of organizations imbued with respect for human rights and valuing diversity and creativity, Toshiba Group provides education on human rights to all employees.

"Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct" stipulates adherence to all relevant laws and regulations, respect for fundamental human rights, and prohibition of discriminatory treatment, child labor and forced labor. It requires that respect be accorded to diverse values, individuality, and privacy of individuals, prohibits discriminatory behavior based on race, religion, gender, nationality, disability, age, or sexual orientation, and prohibits physical abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of power, and any other actions that disregard the dignity and individuality of others.

Also, our participation in the UN Global Compact is another aspect of our support for universal principles concerning human rights and labor, and our determination to put those principles into practice.

We also recognize the importance of implementing our human rights policies not only within the Group but also throughout our supply chain. To this end, we stipulate the policy of respecting human rights in our supplier code of conduct "Supplier Expectations" and request their compliance with the policy, which we then verify through CSR surveys.

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