Climate Change and Security Intern at International Alert

We are looking for an Intern to work within International Alert’s Environment, Climate Change and Security programme (ECCS) to support our work to i) enhance developing countries’ social resilience and adaptability in the face of a variety of risks and challenges including climate change; and ii) ensure that climate change considerations are factored into development and peacebuilding policy and practice, and to ensure that climate-related policies and practice are peace positive.

ECCS works through research, dialogue and advocacy to better understand the complex and interacting factors such as weak governance, poverty, inequality and ethnic fault lines which interact with climate change and pose a risk to peace and stability.

You will be responsible for supporting the ECCS team on existing global and regional projects which look at the political, social and economic dimensions of climate resilience of communities across South Asia, MENA and Africa. With strong research and writing skills, you will have a proven track record of working on climate change and/or peacebuilding issues, be willing to work flexibly on tasks according to needs, and have an eye for detail. 

The role will include a significant amount of desk research and logistics and will offer the opportunity to gain experience working in an international NGO. This would be an excellent opportunity for a graduate or postgraduate wishing to gain experience working in the NGO sector.

Contract: temporary contract, six months

Closing date: Friday 22nd August 2014 at 5pm (UK time)

Location: London, UK

Salary: £14,570 per annum, pro-rata

Further details