Deputy Director (Private Sector Department) at Oxfam America

As part of the international confederation, Oxfam, we work in more than 90 countries to save lives, help people overcome poverty, and fight for social justice. In addition to our Boston-based headquarters, Oxfam America maintains a Policy & Campaigns office in Washington, DC, and seven regional offices around the world.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervises Sr. Advisor Market Systems, Sr. Advisor Regional Programs, PSD Coordinator, PSD Program Advisor.

COORDINATES WITH: All PSD staff, managers and staff in Policy and Communications Division, directors and staff of Regional Offices, leaders and staff of all Oxfam America campaign teams, Oxfam International private sector teams.

BACKGROUND: Oxfam America (OA) established the Private Sector Department (PSD) in order to channel the creativity, resources, and influence of the private sector to pro-poor ends. As a global development organization with private sector capacity, OA is uniquely situated as a leader in corporate campaigning, innovative collaborations, and pro-poor private sector development. OA has adopted an innovative market-systems approach (MSA) to poverty reduction, which seeks to influence targeted markets to drive opportunities and enhance rights for the poor.

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To help lead, manage and grow the PSD, to ensure delivery of PSD objectives and day-to-day functioning of the department, to support PSD work with relevant OA and Oxfam International (OI) campaigns.


  • Develop and help manage new and existing initiatives relating to Oxfam corporate campaigns, advocacy tools, evaluations, research and capacity-building efforts
  • Manage and Develop Staff
  • Lead PSD Internal Operations and Ensure Delivery of Key Objectives
  • Support PSD Outreach and Fundraising

Contract: Permanent, full-time

Closing date: Open until filled

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Salary: negotiable, commensurate with experience

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