Enterprise Development Officer at the ILO


The incumbent will be working on the implementation of the project entitled: "Institutional capacity building of Employers and Workers Organizations to deliver WISE and business management training combined with skills enhancement for workers in small enterprises in Lebanon and Jordan". The project feeds into the overall developmental objective of enhancing small enterprises' productivity and competitiveness through work place and business management improvements and skills development. The main role of the incumbent is to organize and help coordinate the project activities and assist in their timely implementation as well as undertake the required project reporting.

The project's proposed integrated approach combining work place improvement with skills (core and technical) and business management training aims to build SME capacities to achieve higher productivity/competitiveness and improved working conditions. The development and piloting of the tools related to this integrated approach and the prerequisite of having workers and employers join forces to identify skills gaps, work improvements needed to secure decent working conditions and adequate managerial performance to enhance productivity will strengthen the capacity of employers' organizations to respond to the needs of small enterprises. It will also ensure safer, better and more conducive work environment for workers.

The incumbent will work under the direct supervision of the Enterprise Development Specialist and in coordination with the Skills Development, Employers' and Workers' specialists of the ILO DWT Beirut and under the overall supervision of the DWT Beirut Director.
Description of Duties

- In collaboration with the project partners, set an action plan for the project activities and one for the enterprises taking part in the project for the implementation of the workplace, business management and technical improvements proposed under the project.

- Based on the economic sectors selected by the project partners in the inception workshop, prepare in collaboration with consultants the selection criteria for enterprises that will benefit from the project's services, assist in conducting the training needs assessments of these enterprises and follow-up on the finalization of the training needs assessment report.

- In collaboration with consultants and based on ILO business assessment tools (SCORE-SIMAPRO), assist in the preparation of assessment tools for the baseline institutional assessment of enterprises in Jordan and Lebanon.

- Coordinate and contribute to the implementation of the institutional assessment to be used as the baseline to measure the improvements in productivity and competitiveness of enterprises at the end of the project.

- In collaboration with consultants, implement the sector skills analysis on the selected economic sectors in Jordan/Lebanon and help organize a one day meeting in Jordan and Lebanon to share the results of the sector skills analysis with the project partners.

- Prepare and attend all planned TOTs and some of the TOE workshops in Jordan and Lebanon.

- Follow-up on the development, update, review and finalization of the technical skills, business management and workplace improvement training material based on participants' and trainers' feedback. This includes providing research assistance if needed, overseeing the translation, editing, design/layout and printing of the material.

- Follow-up on the drafting and finalization of all project activity and output reports such as training reports, TNA reports, institutional assessments, coaching reports and any output submitted by consultants or required for the project.

- Follow-up on the drafting of a final paper that documents and analyses this integrated intervention. This includes the one day meeting to present the findings and the follow-up on the finalization of the paper in terms of review, edit, translation, design, and printing.

- Provide support for the projects' implementation, including but not limited to the preparation of TORs for technical or research consultancies, monitoring and supervising the work of the consultants, reporting on the completion of activities, drafting the project internal progress and final reports and overseeing products and deliverables in line with the requirements.

- Undertake mission to countries covered by the project in line with the project's needs.

- Perform any other tasks related to project objectives as requested by the Enterprise Development Specialist.

Contract: One year fixed-term appointment

Closing date: 13 August 2014

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Salary: ILO grade P2

Further details