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Updating the Resource Centre Digital Platform

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is at a critical point in its development. Our digital platform is home to a wealth of information on business and human rights, but hasn’t had a visual refresh for a number of years.

We will soon be updating the site to improve its usability and better serve the thousands of people that use our site to support their work.

Please take an advance peek at our new look, and let us know what you think!

Thank you,
Alex Guy, Digital Officer

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Project Officer at CCR CSR

The Project Officer´s role is to contribute to the running of the CAPS project in Guangdong and support the work of the CCR CSR Offices in Beijing and Hong Kong and thereby develop and sustain CCR CSR as a professional and effective social enterprise.


Program work:

Overall objective:Support the roll-out of the CAPS project including trainings, monitoring, evaluation and relations building to service providers and participating brands supply chain eg;

  • Assess capacity-building needs among partners
  • Make plans and initiate capacity-building activities in collaboration with the Programme Manager and Program Director of CCR CSR.
  • Training arrangements and support
  • Perform trainings for service providers and supply chain
  • Initiate and carry out documentation and evaluations of projects and processes in co-operation with Program Manager and Program Director of CCR CSR with the overall aim of developing lessons-learnt within the organization and sharing experiences with partners and Brands
  • Support and stimulate local networking in co-operation with Program Manager and Business Manager of CCR CSR

General administration:
Contacting translators, organizing events/trainings, travels, assist in administrative routines, general filing in the office according to the Management & Employment Guide

Support full implementation of the CAPS projects various elements; organise visits, meetings, workshops, support events with catering, reservation of restaurants etc request offers and negotiate rates for hotels for room, tickets, others, workshop facilities etc.

Archiving, keeping hard copy resources in a systematic order and registering new resources in Shared folder; saving new soft copy resources in Shared folder; circulating and informing staff of new resources and newsletters, ordering new resources upon request


Closing date: N/A

Location: Beijing/ Guangdong Province, China


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